Monday, December 12, 2016

The Hand Written Note

I'm just under two weeks into my letter writing for the month of December and it has been met with some very positive responses.

Several of my friends sent me messages and texts saying that my little note came at just the right time, that they are feeling stressed and it was good to know someone was thinking of them.  It also gave us a few moments to remember some of the funny times we've had (nothing like sharing 20 year old stories and still laughing as if they happened yesterday).

It made me feel awesome to know that I had such a positive impact and confirmed that I am doing this challenge at the appropriate time.

The holidays can be challenging for people.  It doesn't just have to be people who have lost loved could be the taxing nature of making sure everything is taken care of (both at home and work)...there is a lot of pressure to be perfect with your holidays.

Remember though nothing is perfect and that you should do whatever you do with love and with a thoughtful heart...don't do it just because you think you have to.

I've realized 12 days in that I should probably write down the people I've mailed cards to and those that I will send to over the next 19 days...I don't want to forget anyone or send them a card twice (that would be kind of embarrassing).

So like Santa I've made my list and checked it twice...the only downside is that I fear I may have left someone out...but then nothing says I can't keep sending cards.

                                                       Image result for santa checking his list

So if you are sitting there reading my quick missive and a friend pops into your mind.  Send them a quick won't be sorry that you did.

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