Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Creating Habits and Routine

I must admit I have not been as put together for this months challenge...at least so far.

Last month I had to find items to eliminate but I could do that morning, noon, or night.

I'm find thing that when you expect yourself to do 100 pushups, crunches, and squats you need to plan your day out a little better.

I've had days so far where the I was trying to pack all of this in in the last hour and a half before bed, I've had days where I've forgotten which set I was on, and days where I did some in the morning and then forgot to do the rest until almost bed time.

This had to stop if I was going to feel good about this month's challenge

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One of the chapter's in Greg McKeown's book "Essentialism" discusses routine and how having a set routine lets your mind go on autopilot for that task (i.e. driving to work the same way everyday) and allows you to open your mind to other creative thought.

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By having a routine you make sure that certain functions get done at specific times.  A week into this challenge and I realize I need to be more regimented with it.

I can do 20 push ups and squats at a time but then I need a little break before I do the next set...so to make sure that I finish the challenge strong and hopefully create a habit of doing exercise at various intervals through out the day I've created a schedule for myself.

The schedule comes with cues...so to start off the day I get out of bed and stretch and then do 20 push ups and 20 squats.  After I've finished my shower 20 more push ups and 20 more squats.  I get all of my primping done and get dressed 20 more push ups and 20 more squats.

Just by incorporating it into my morning routine I knocked out 60 of the 100 reps for each of those exercises.

It left me feeling pretty accomplished AND feeling like it would be no big deal to get the other 40 in.  
I created a routine that is easy to follow and sets me up to succeed.

Do you have routines in your life that you use to help you throughout the day?

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