Friday, October 21, 2016

It's More Than Just Stuff

Everyday I look at the things that I own and evaluate it

1) Do I need this item?
2) Do I make use of it often?
3) Is it still in good working order?

By taking a quick inventory I have worked to make the decision to keep an item, or discard it, much faster than I did in the beginning of this process.

I try to look at my possessions with fresh eyes every day...and you know what?

Everyday I find at least one thing that doesn't meet my standards.

Aside from the physical possessions I have found that making decisions for living life itself has been simplified.


Purchasing and obtaining stuff doesn't really cross my mind.  I don't have days where I think "I'll head off to the mall."  This month I bought one book for under $10 and that was after I waited about a week (needed to determine if I really wanted it or not).

With all of the removal of items you definitely think twice before bringing something back in.

Saying No 

At first blush this seems like a harsh approach...but you will thank yourself if you take the time to only say "Yes" to those things you really want to do.  Don't let "yes" be an automatic answer when someone asks you a question (this has applications for both personal and work life).

We don't need to keep ourselves busy all of the time.  You can't accomplish tasks to the best of your ability if in the back of your mind you are thinking about the litany of other tasks that lay ahead of you.

Turn Off Your Media

We take in so much information in a day that turning off your phones, not watching the news, only looking at Facebook once a day are really healthy options for you.

Taking in all of the negative information that is put out there in the media can bring you down and depress you.  I'm not saying be completely oblivious as to what is going on in the world but guard yourself against taking too much in.

I've found that I am a much happier and calm by not having the constant chatter of what the latest crisis in the world is.  I can take the time that was previously given to media consumption and instead spend it with my husband and kids.  Building a strong and loving relationship with them is way more valuable.

These are just 3 things that came to mind and I know there are tons more (goodness knows there is a multitude of blog posts out there about it) but consider scaling your life back.

Can you think of some ways you can scale back?

What would your life look like if for one week you tried one, or perhaps all 3, of these things?

In an effort to keep myself accountable of the items I purge I found several scarves that I love the patterns or but don't love them when they are on it's time for them to go.

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